Tanning Booth vs Tanning Bed

While it’s all a matter of personal preference, there are some differences between the two types of equipment. In a booth you’ll be able to move around more easily.  This can allow you to raise or lower your arms, stand a certain way, or even stretch out if the booth is feeling cramped.  Lying in a bed restricts your movements somewhat and spots can be missed from having to stay in more or less one position.

Proper Skin Care Before Indoor Tanning

There are some major differences between indoor and outdoor tanning. Regular suntan lotions are designed to protect you during long periods of time spent outside in the sunlight. Indoor tanning lotions are designed for shorter and more intense tanning sessions resulting in a deeper, quicker tan.

Benefits of Vitamin D in Tanning

When natural sunlight is hard to find, you can get some sunshine with a quick trip to a tanning bed. Tanning beds provide some of the same healthy benefits as sunlight. Tanning beds can be a great resource for vitamin D when Mother Nature is not cooperating.

Air Brushing Advantages

A positive advantage to spray tans is that they are instant. No need for baking outside in the sun for hours on end or in a tanning bed. As well, you can adjust how dark you want to go by spray tanning more or less frequently. You also have the advantage of getting those “Hard to reach areas” that you are not able to get in an automated spray booth or tanning bed.

About Platinum Tanning Plus

Our top priority is helping you achieve a beautiful, long lasting tan in the smartest way possible. By using our high performance equipment, you can obtain and maintain an awesome tan in a fraction of the time.